RLR's LED Wall pack sets allow the OEM to produce a Wall pack Luminaire to take advantage of the latest LED COB ship technology. The universal method of the design and construction of the component seta allow for easy acceptance of advancements when future upgrades in LED technology become available to the marketplace. Applications include Walkways, Parking Structures, Office Facility Interiors, Exteriors, and Common Areas, Commercial/Warehouse Structure exterior surfaces, Single and Multi-unit family dwellings, and any application in which traditional CFL, Metal Halide or HPS wall packs are utilized.  Click here to download cut sheet.
VOB Overbed Diffuser
Lighting OEM’s can now produce a stylish contemporary shaped overbed luminaire using RLR’s VOB component set.  The VOB Designed to fit standard strips, and with an available optional reflector, give the ability to have a fixture produced with multi-lamp switching. Click here to download Cut Sheet.
Laminated Diffusers
A new range of diffuser components is available for Vanity, Flush Mount/Pendant and Linear Ceiling applications. The diffusers utilize a proprietary laminated fabric or patterned finish on the surface of the diffuser to achieve the desired decorative effect. Custom sizes and styles are also available using this design process. Click here to download Cut Sheet.
Healthcare Guide
This guide provides Lighting OEM’s the available components from RLR Industries, Inc. to produce luminaires for a variety of interior installations in Healthcare Facilities. Click here to download Cut Sheet.

RLR Industries Inc. and its’ team members take great pride in developing Innovative Lighting Component Solutions for our clients.

We are researching and developing Innovative Component Solutions for the Lighting Fixture OEM on a continual basis.

RLR prides ourselves in producing high quality lighting components.  Our product line and all custom projects are engineered with Design Quality, Functional Quality, and Performance Quality from the inception of product development through continuous production.

From Quick Ship requests, Contract Manufacturing, and custom tailored Just-In-Time delivery programs, we aim to provide the level of service that you deserve.

RLR is dedicated to our customers’ success in the Lighting OEM market and our Custom Product Markets.

RLR's new 1500 Series Vandal Enclosures allow the OEM to provide a spec grade quality all polycarbonate luminaire at a comparable price point to existing polycarbonate vandal enclosures. Features include an architectural design motif, conduit drill points on housings and integral captured lens gasketing.
OEM's can offer increased lumen output levels in CLF luminaires by utilizing RLR's new Energy Savers line of injection molded lenses and diffusers. Additional benefits include higher lamp and component obscuration and a etched glass visual effect when the luminaire is in operation.





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