Energy Savers

RLR Industries, Inc. is proud to offer a series of product variants which have been specifically designed to reduce the amount of power consumption while providing higher levels of lumen output from the fixture application as compared to standard white acrylic diffuser variants.

Utilizing Dani-LiteTM acrylic material, a 30% gain in light transmission can be achieved in comparison to standard white acrylic diffusers.

In addition, the Dani-Lite material has inherent hiding power properties, to allow for a reduced visual signature for the fixture component as compared to standard clear acrylic.

The Dani-LiteTM material also has the effect of etched glass, and the subsequent lighting effect is of a much more decorative vein than standard white acrylic diffuser material.

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By simply substituting the Dani-Lite versions of the product in place of the standard white acrylic lenses, the OEM can offer increased energy saving variants of industry standard luminaire designs.

In addition, RLR Industries, Inc. can also develop custom products for our OEM customers using the Dani-LiteTM material in the initial design stages of the project. Verbiage for

Click here or the link below to download the complete Energy Saving Series specification sheet in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.


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RLR's new 1500 Series Vandal Enclosures allow the OEM to provide a spec grade quality all polycarbonate luminaire at a comparable price point to existing polycarbonate vandal enclosures. Features include an architectural design motif, conduit drill points on housings and integral captured lens gasketing.
OEM's can offer increased lumen output levels in CLF luminaires by utilizing RLR's new Energy Savers line of injection molded lenses and diffusers. Additional benefits include higher lamp and component obscuration and a etched glass visual effect when the luminaire is in operation.




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